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Lite Wear range of Polycarbonate Lenses that is best suited for modern lifestyles.

Until recently, eyeglass lenses were a compromise. Everyone wore the same lenses for work, relaxation, recreation, and even sports. SECC has changed all that by offering today's advanced lens technology that provides you with lifestyle lenses and lens treatments designed specifically for everything you do driving, computer work, fishing, golf, outdoor activities, close work, reading and hobbies. Our Doctors and trained Sales Associates will demonstrate lenses and lens treatments that help you see and function better, enhance your appearance and provide ultimate visual comfort and safety in both your lenses and frames.
  • Ultra Light: - Lite Wear lenses are upto 43% lighter than normal plastic lenses. This provides higher comfort levels and allows spectacles to rest easily and smoothly on face.

  • Safe-Protection: - Lite Wear Lenses are 10 times stronger than ordinary plastic lenses. It is made of the same material that is used for helmet visors for astronauts and aircraft windshields. Hence they do not break under shocks that would easily shatter ordinary plastic lenses.

  • UV Protection: - Lite Wear lenses provide 100 % UVA and UVB protection against harmful radiation from sunlight and industrial sources thereby ensuring greater safety.

  • Ultra Thin and Ultra Flat: - Lite Wear lenses are up to 30% thinner than normal plastic lenses. Their unique lens design is 38% flatter than ordinary plastic lenses. Hence it gives a natural and more aesthetic look.

  • Crystal Clarity, Superior Scratch Resistant Coating: - Lite Wear lenses are treated with TMC Satin Coating resulting in sharpness and comfort in vision with over 99% light transmission and suppression of unwanted reflection and glare.

Lite wear range of lenses is available in Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressives.


Resolution lenses from Optima, transforms, the lens material into the lens of choice for eye care professionals. This is the first lens that offers the undeniably superior impact protection of polycarbonate backed by superior optics, tintability and material integrity.

  • It’s a new breed of flawless polycarbonate lenses made with Optima’s ECM-9 (Extrusion Compression Moulding) process.

  • These lenses are thinner and lighter than Standard Polycarbonate lenses.

  • These lenses provide the highest impact resistant available.

  • Good option for rimless frames.

  • The aspheric design improves visual clarity and reduces material mass.

Available as Single Vision lenses and Progressive lens and Photochromatic lenses.