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Industrial - a vital issue

In factory shop floors or in research labs, workers are exposed to a variery of mechanical or chemical hazards as well as excessive radiation & dusty environments.

To effectively combat such situations, SECC offers a diverse range of safety products and related services.

Further, in most developed countries, it is mandatory by law for industrial workers to wear safety eyewear, when performing their job.

SECC Safety Program

Comprehensive Eye Testing Campaigns

On site eye test at the industy premises is organized by SECC.

A team of technically qualified optometrists and eyewear professionals assess the power requirement of each individual employee. Advanced equipment and instruments, are used to ensure accuracy and speed.

Individual counselling extended to the participants of the program help in the selection of the ideal safety eyewear.

Addressing specific eye related problems & other issues are also handled.

SECC Safety Eyewear Range

SECC Safety eyewear includes all purpose safety eyewears (without power), prescription safety eyewear (for single vision, bifocal and progressive users) as well as special application safety eyewears.